Teater Fluks is an independent theatre company based in Aarhus, Denmark. They create intimate and physical theatre collages and relevant performance works that will make lasting impressions.

Our performances are based on research, personal stories, and physical scenes. We work with subjects that challenge the empathy of ourselves and our audience.

The core performers in Teater Fluks are Rasmus Malling Skov and Sara Fink S√łndergaard. Together they create relevant and highly topical performances for youths and adults.


Transportable Refugees

In the effort to understand how it is to be a refugee, the two performers have researched in news, statistics, interviews and their own experiences. This results in an honest and personal recognition of the fact, that it might never be possible to really understand the refugees’ situation. But we can recognize some of the feelings.

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Subsistence is a durational performance, an investigation, a work-in-process. The performer, Rasmus, will inhabit a small empty space on the street for 30 hours. He is completely dependent of the help he can get from the strangers passing by.

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FT lotus

Subsistens x2 (5)