Subsistens x2 (3)


In a torrent of urban activity he stands. Alone on an empty square. Without any of life’s necessities he is completely dependent on the grace of the outside world.

Subsistence is a durational performance, an investigation, a work-in-process. The performer, Rasmus, will inhabit a small empty space on the street for 30 hours. The space is marked by four corner-posts, a 2x3m square of strings between them and a small sign announcing the project:


Rasmus exists here.

He will be here from xx to xx – all in all 30 hours. Rasmus has not brought anything with him, and he is not allowed to leave the space, unless someone temporarily replaces him. He is cut off from basic necessities and is therefore completely dependent on the people he meets.

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The basis for this interactive performance installation is the reactions of the passersby, materially as well as emotionally. It is a social investigation in interaction and communication with the plurality of the public.

Subsistence presents our interdependencies. It reminds us, that we are all part of a society where we depend on our co-inhabitors, our community and our fellow citizens. And not just the people we already know. Our thesis is, that we tend to forget this. And through a continuous dialogue with the passing public Rasmus will focus on this subject.

Subsistence is ideal for festivals and has been performed in Aarhus and Barcelona.


Idea and direction:
Rasmus M. L. Skov
Rasmus M. L. Skov
30 hours