FT lotus

Transportable Refugees

In the effort to understand how it is to be a refugee, the two performers have researched in news, statistics, interviews and their own experiences. This results in an honest and personal recognition of the fact, that it might never be possible to really understand the refugees’ situation. But we can recognize some of the feelings.

The performance is a theater-collage situated in the back of a large van, where the audience is sitting inside in the small dark room. They’re sharing the space with the performers, with the physical situations, and with thousands of refugees, who through the time have been transported this tough way.

Be prepared to get a physical and sensuous experience.


The performance is ideal for a festival. It doesn’t need too much space and it offers a different experience.

  • Fakta
  • Tour
Idea and direction:
Rasmus M. L. Skov and Sara Find Søndergaard
Rasmus M. L. Skov and Sara Find Søndergaard
45 min.

The performance in english can be bought as a touring show.

Duration: 45 min.

Number of audiences: 15

Audience: Adults and young people from 14+

Set up time: 75 min.

Take down time: 20 min.

Space: The performance is taking place i the back of a van, where both the performers and the audience will be seated. There’s a need for a parking lot without too much noise.